Morala and surrounding areas offer a variety of activities.

Some of our scenic spots are ideal for picnics.

Being a nature reserve with game, we unfortunately do not allow the use of fire arms, quad-bikes, motorcycles, loud music or any other noisy equipment. Our reason for this is to maintain the natural tranquillity of the reserve.

Activities on our property include:
-Short hiking routes within the game fence
-Game viewing
-Bird watching
-20 minute 4x4 night drive on arrangement
-10 minute ride on vintage truck on arrangement

Morala is aiming to provide a marked hiking trail and mountain-bike routes in the future.

Activities at close proximity include:
-An approximate three hour hike on arrangement into the valley up to Bakenkop's highest point
-Berakah 4x4 Eco Trail ( borders with Morala
-Numerous fishing spots within six kilometres of Morala

Surrounding areas offer additional activities, tourist attractions, dining and day-visits.
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